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Volunteer Newsletter

The T2T Newsletter is published on a regular basis and is sent by email to our former and future volunteers and anyone interested in organisation and programs.


Back Issues

Reading our back issues is the best way to find out about the history of Travel to Teach. We keep these issues online so that prospective volunteers can trace back the organisations past.

June 2013:   Volunteer(s) of the Month - Lara and Angie, Swedish Website, Hong Kong Group Has Returned Home, New Partnership in Bondalem - Bali, We Are Looking for Bloggers!
May 2013:   Language Cafe in Chiang Mai, Visitors from Hong Kong, Volunteer of the Month - Amanda, Saying Goodbye to Kerstin, Photo Contest 2013
April 2013:   Songkran - One Big Water Fight, Volunteer of the Month! - Jennifer, Photo Contest - It's time for you to vote, We have an Intern, Dragon Boat Festival in China, Travel to Teach in Swedish
March 2013:   Welcome Back, Travel to Teach Photo Contest 2013, New programs in Nicaragua and Guatemala, Volunteer of the month, PayPal account up now!
December 2010:   New Project - Peru, Graduation Ceremony – El Salvador, New Project - Cambodia, Volunteer Stories, New Laos Staff, Volunteer Fundraising, Videos
September 2010:  New website launched, It's time for Africa, Phnom Phen Children’s Village, Mayoral recognition for T2T Volunteers, Volunteer of the Month: Anthonia Pichel
December 2009:  Happy New Year 2010, Volunteer Videos, Turtle Conservation, T2T Internships, Vounteer of the Month: Nathanael, Isaan Rice Harvest, El Salvador Volunteer Story: Hanna
November 2009:  Head Office Move to Mexico, Luang Prabang, Fundraising Ideas, T2T Gift Vouchers, English Camp and T2T 6th Birthday
August 2008:  Volunteer in India, New China Program in Su Zhuo, Mae Hong Son, Bali and China Volunteer Stories
February 2008:  Building Earth Houses, Laos Volunteer Story - Carissa, Thank You Jessica, New Staff in Thailand, Mother and daughter Volunteering
January 2008:  Happy New Year From T2T, T2T in the Lonely Planet, New Program in Bali, Volunteer of the Month: Linda, New Projects in Shanghai, China Volunteer Stories, New School in Chiang Mai
October 2007:  Organic Farm in Vang Vieng, Laos, Radio Broadcasting in Namsom, Donations to Monastery in Tibet, Mexico Volunteer Stories, Thailand Volunteer Stories
July 2007:  New Program in China, Child Sponsorship and New Computer Teacher in Cambodia, Summer Camp in Costa Rica, Nha Trang Community Classes, Nha Trang Community Teaching
May 2007:  New Project in Chiang Mai, relaxation room at the Special School, New Programs in Saigon, Happy Home Construction in Nepal, Volunteer Stories from Nongkhai
February 2007:  New Program in Nepal, Travel to Teach 4-year Anniversary, Cultural Tourism Programs , A Swedish/Panamanian Intern , Johanna and Angela , Helping with 50+.
January 2007:  New Program in Costa Rica, Ambato: Our New Ecuador Location, T2T Internship Programs, 2006 Volunteer Stats, New Staff in Nongkhai, Volunteer of the Month: Joe
October 2006:  New Lao Program in Vang Vieng, English Camps in Thailand, Ahn Bhin Shelter in Ho Chi Minh, Volunteer Stories
September 2006: New Travel to Teach Offices in Nongkhai, Carnaval in Bolivia, Isara Foundation, Rural English Teaching Around Hanoi, Summer Camps in Thailand
June 2006: Long Live The King - His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyades 60th Anniversary, World Cup at Phitakon Festival, Beach Cleanup on Koh Chang, Waterfall Trip, Volunteer of the Month: Susan Elizondo
May 2006: Group Volunteering - North Carolina State University in Pai, New Farming Project in Laos, New Thailand Program in Trat, Isara Fundraising, Volunteers of the Month: Rich and Henry
April 2006: New Volunteer Program in Bolivia, Volunteer Vacations on the Mekong Delta, New Volunteer House in Nongkhai, Volunteer of the Month: Marius
February 2006: Teaching in Thailand, Fighting Child Abuse in Vietnam - Kimmy Lee on Sky News, English Teaching in Phnom Penh, TEFOL and CELTA, Michai Restoration Camp in Nongkhai
January 2006: Nat Returns to London, Meditation in Loei, T2T Volunteer Forum, Getting Stuck in Thailand - Jennie's Volunteer Story
December 2005: Living with Forest Monks - Volunteer Story, One Year with T2T, New Project in the Galapagos Islands, Surin English Camp, Loy Kratong Festival
November 2005: Travis Williams
October 2005: The Nicest School Toilets in Isan! - Michai Restoration Camp, English Teaching Video Project, Farang United - T2T Football Team, Naga Festival, Namsom Volunteer Story
September 2005: New Program in Vientiane - Laos, Volunteering by the Sea - New Projects in Koh Chang, Nha Trang, T2T on TV, Volunteer Stories, Tet Trung Thu Festival in Vietnam, Michai Camp Update, Thank You to Patricia
August 2005: Phitakon Festival 2048, New Program in Xalapa Mexico, Combination Stay Volunteer Story
July 2005: New program in Vientiane - Laos, Volunteering by the Sea - New Projects in Koh Chang, Nha Trang, T2T on TV, Volunteer Stories, Tet Trung Thu Festival in Vietnam, Michai Camp Update, Thank You to Lisa
June 2005: Pai Project Launched in Thailand, Our Own Computer Learning Center in Phon Phisai, Living in Isan Villages, Marleen and Jeroen's Volunteer Story
May 2005: New Logo, New Look, New Programs, Starting up in Cambodia, New Volunteer Dorm in Namsom
April 2005: Songkran - Thai New Year 2548, Parading the Buddhas, Lady Boy Contest, T2T Work Shop at the Grand Hotel, Joe Finally Leaves Travel to Teach
March 2005: Trip to Kanchanaburi, A Day in the Life of a T2T Volunteer, The Moose!, New Staff in Sangklaburi, Volunteer Stories
February 2005: Teaching Computers at Wat Si Saket in Nongkhai, Some T2T Statistics, Round the World Party, Baisee Ceremony for Vicky and Floris, New Dorm in Nong Khai
October 2004: Travel to Teach New Dorms in Nongkhai, The Sarnelli House AIDS Orphanage, Mexico Volunteer Story, Fulbright Seminar in Namsom, New T2T Staff - Defne and Vincent
May 2004: Starting at Krazy Kim's in Nha Trang Vietnam, Tijuana - Mexico, Birthday of the Dutch Queen Beatrix!, Kelly's Mexico Volunteer Story, Teaching in Namsom
March 2004: New Website, 120 Volunteers, Teaching in Wats, Volunteer Stories, New Dorm
January 2004: Happy New Year From T2T!
November 2003: Working in Cooperation with the Isara Learning Center, The Story of a Web Site, Christopher's Volunteer Story
July 2003: Summer Trip to Phu Rhua, A Country of Stray Dogs, Volunteer Statistics
June 2003: Teachers day in Nongkhai, Fruits in Thailand, Volunteers Leaving, Tessa's Volunteer Story
March 2003: A Newsletter from Travel-to-Teach, Starting in Mexico, Webdesign Classes in Nongkhai, Travel-to-Teach Advisory Board, Improvised Thai-dancing, Pat's Volunteer Story
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Unbelievable, the past three months have gone so quickly I hardly can believe my volunteering period has come to an end...
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